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 3-day intensive hands-on training to master composite veneers from digital design to bonding!
 DSDApp yearly Gold Membership with unlimited cases for your Smile Designs (Valued At $799)
 Five 3D Cases for 3D Smile Design and STL-Export (Valued At $400)
 Coffee Breaks and Lunch
 BONUS: Complete the design and preparation for your own case with our trainer!
 DSDApp workflow is fantastic! The possibility to create a test smile in the first appointment is simply awesome!"
— Ricardo Bertholdi, Brazil
 Digital Dentistry 21st Century!"
— Russell Young, Australia
 I would like to share with you my 3D experience with the DSDApp 3D ;) It is wonderful and so easy to create the 3D wax up! 
— Felipe Miguel, Brazil
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DSDApp Composite Veneer Course